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12-1am -- The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon (FOX Sports)
1-5am -- The Ben Maller Show (FOX Sports)
5-8am -- 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe (FOX Sports)
8-11am -- Dan Patrick (FOX Sports)
11-2pm -- Colin Cowherd (FOX Sports)
2-4pm -- Doug Gottlieb (FOX Sports)
4-6pm -- Sportstalk 4-6pm (or sports programming)
6-9pm -- Zach Gelb (CBS Sports) (or sports programming)
9-Mid -- Sport Brief (CBS Sports) (or sports programming)

12-1am -- The Bernie Fratto Show (FOX Sports)
1-5am -- Brian Noe Show (FOX Sports)
5-9am -- The Fellas: Anthony Gargano (FOX Sports)
9-11am -- Jonas Knox Show (FOX Sports)
11am-1pm -- Up On Game with LaVar Arrington, TJ Houshmandzadeh and Plaxico Burress (FOX Sports)
1-3pm -- The Joy Taylor Show (FOX Sports)
3-6pm -- Steve Hartman/Geoff Schartz(FOX Sports) (or sports programming)
6-9pm -- Brian Noe & 13-Year NFL Veteran Ephraim Salaam (FOX Sports) (or sports programming)
9-Mid -- The Bernie Fratto Show (FOX Sports) (or sports programming)

12-1am -- Arnie Spanier & Aaron Torres (FOX Sports)
2-5am -- Bernie Fratto (FOX Sports)
5-8am -- Andy Furman & Brian Noe (FOX Sports)
8-8:30am -- In Focus
8:30am -12pm -- Mike Harmon/Bucky Brooks (FOX Sports)
12-4pm -- Steve Hartman & Rich Ohrnberger (FOX Sports) (or sports programming)
4-7pm -- Dan Beyer & George Wrighster (FOX Sports) (or sports programming)
7-10pm -- Covino and Rich (FOX Sports) (or sports programming)
10-Mid -- Arnie Spanier & Chris Plank (FOX Sports)

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